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Oriented Tensor Reconstruction:
Tracing Neural Pathways from Diffusion Tensor MRI

Leonid Zhukov and Alan H. Barr
Department of Computer Science, California Institute of Technology
Mail Code 350-74, Pasadena, CA 91125-7400


In this paper we develop a new technique for tracing anatomical fibers from 3D tensor fields. The technique extracts salient tensor features using a local regularization technique that allows the algorithm to cross noisy regions and bridge gaps in the data. We applied the method to human brain DT-MRI data and recovered identifiable anatomical structures that correspond to the white matter brain-fiber pathways. The images in this paper are derived from a dataset having $121$x$88$x$60$ resolution. We were able to recover fibers with less than the voxel size resolution by applying the regularization technique, i.e., using a priori assumptions about fiber smoothness. The regularization procedure is done through a moving least squares filter directly incorporated in the tracing algorithm.


Figure 1: Human brain pathways recovered from DT-MRI data using the oriented tensor reconstruction algorithm

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Leonid Zhukov 2003-01-05